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High School information for new arrivals

on Wed, 11/02/2016 - 15:27

Come along to LFA on January 5, 2017 at 6pm for an information meeting for applicants. If your child would like to join the Anglophone section in seconde or in première, this information meeting will discuss the section, the application process and any other questions you wish to raise. Spread the word!

6pm Thursday January 5, 2017

Lycee Franco-Allemand, rue Collin Mamet, 78530 Buc



Parents, teachers and lycée administration will be on hand to discuss:

  • the excellent results achieved by the most recent graduates (100% success in achieving bac with mention, including 38% mention très bien)
  • where SIA graduates were admitted (including Ginette, Henri IV, Hoche, Sciences Po, in France; Cornell, Temple University and Rochester in the US; Glasgow, Kings College London, University of Aberdeen in the UK; McGill in Canada; Trinity College Dublin, Universities in the Netherlands...)
  • the small class sizes, individual teacher attention, advice on college applications, and other beneficial conditions at LFA
  • the recent option of taking either spé maths or spé physics for those who choose Bac S
  • the extra-curricular opportunities for students (Model UN club participating in conferences such as PAMUN, IlyMUN in Lyon, INDMUN)
  • Saltimbuc anglophone theatre troupe
  • the LFA orchestra, or big band, with 3-day residential music stage in Fontainebleau, or performances in Germany 
  • bal du lycée, with dance classes offered beforehand 
  • exchanges and class trips - good network to establish language exchanges with Germany
  • strong SIA identity and sense of community, canteen that students praise..