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Kick-off - MLK International Choir – Trial Session September 22nd

on Sun, 09/17/2017 - 20:11

The International Choir is ready to start tuning its vocal cords for the 3rd year running. Are you ready to join us???


The International Choir is a cultural activity offered at the MLK during school hours.  It was born of inspiration between the PSAB and the FSE and is now entering its 3rd year. Each year sees the choir going from strength to strength and its projects getting more adventurous! So why not come along and join us?

The choir is led by one of our Anglophone parents, Aviva Timonier. Aviva is a professional singer with bags of experience leading choirs. She teaches the children to sing in both French & English, (maybe even other languages, who knows?) in her own fun style. No pre-requirements - just bring along your enthusiasm and let Aviva do the rest!

Please speak to your child about this opportunity and encourage them to come along to our   Trial Session this Friday 22nd September 2017.

For further details and inscriptions, please consult the new FSE website:  

The parental contribution for this activity is €60 for the school year, plus membership of the FSE which is just €10. The PSAB actively supports the choir initiative, and is contributing €5 per child towards operational costs.


Lynn Chauveau – FSE

Julia Pearn - PSAB