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MLK International Choir - a new initiative

on Thu, 12/17/2015 - 14:47



International Choir: UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE

3 weeks into the project, we are delighted to announce that we have a total of 37 kids regularly attending the new International Choir which takes place during Friday lunchtime. Thanks to the number of participants, we are able to maintain both sessions, back to back. The feedback from the singers is very rewarding. The wide choice of songs Aviva works on with the kids means that (nearly) all tastes are catered for and a great time is had by all. We look forward to hearing them perform at a concert towards the end of the year and the PSAB Spring Potluck which will be held on Sunday June 5th 2016 (more details to follow soon).

Particular thanks goes to Lynn Chaveau who is breathing new life into the Foyer Socio-Educatif (FSE) this year and has pushed through this new initiative inside the school. She has dealt with all the logistics and bureaucracy involved in setting up a new project and done a marvellous job of it! Lynn is also the mastermind behind the Coding Parties that were so warmly received last year and are continuing this year by popular demand :-) Keep an eye on the FSE website to keep yourself informed of other initiatives lined up for this year.



A new initiative is being born in cooperation with the FSE -              an International Choir!

As part of our rich SIA parent community we have an extremely talented professional singing instructor, Aviva Timonier, who has offered to lead an international choir at the collège. 

The choir will be open to all students of the collège, Anglos and Francos alike, and the music will be sung primarily in English, but also with some pieces in other languages. Aviva has a charming way of enthusing the children, explaining to them how to breathe correctly, why warming up is so important, how to bring expression and volume to your voice, and other tricks of the trade. She speaks a delicious mixture of English and French, which, supported by her very visual demonstrations :-),  ensure that all participants are able to follow the sessions.

The new choir is a great opportunity for the SIA kids to acquire a little more Anglo culture, while their French peers will increase their exposure to English, improve their pronunciation and, over time, feel more and more comfortable in an English-speaking environment. The kids will make new friends, sharing their enjoyment of music and performance.

The choir will be held in school during the 2 hours of Friday lunchtime, starting January 15th 2016, with a view to putting on a concert at the end of May.

If your child is interested, please sign up for this activity on the new FSE website This first session will also be an opportunity for the kids to try it out if they are unsure. To participate, your child needs to be a member of the FSE (€10 annual subscription) and there will be a contribution of €30 per child.

Christmas Carols - Sunday December 13th

To get us in the spirit of Christmas, Aviva launched the project with a carol singing afternoon in the Maison des Associations in Buc. The very mixed group rehearsed 5 carols which they then performed in a mini-concert at the end of the session to the parents and Madame Teyssedre. It was then followed by a traditional Christmas 'gôuter' with hot chocolate, mulled wine and a variety of cakes & cookies. The kids are looking forward to singing with Aviva again in January and will be bringing along their friends :-)