As part of our rich SIA parent community we have an extremely talented professional singing instructor, Aviva Timonier, who is leading the International Choir at the college, in cooperation with the Foyer Socio-Educatif (FSE).

The choir is open to all students of the collège, Anglos and Francos alike, and the music is sung primarily in English, but also with some pieces in other languages. Aviva has a charming way of enthusing the children, explaining to them how to breathe correctly, why warming up is so important, how to bring expression and volume to your voice, and other tricks of the trade. She speaks a delicious mixture of English and French, which, supported by her very visual demonstrations, ensure that all participants are able to follow the sessions.

The choir is a great opportunity for the SIA kids to acquire a little more Anglo culture, while their French peers will increase their exposure to English, improve their pronunciation and, over time, feel more and more comfortable in an English-speaking environment. The kids will make new friends, sharing their enjoyment of music and performance.

The choir is held in school during Friday lunchtime, and they will be putting on a mini-concert at the end of the school year.

Lynn Chaveau of the FSE is the administrative force behind this great initiative. If your child is interested, please contact her and sign up for the activity on the new FSE website . To participate, your child needs to be a member of the FSE (€10 annual subscription) and there will be a parental contribution of €60 per child for the year.