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The middle school program, first to be created in the Section Internationale de Buc, was established in 1998. Located in the Collège Martin Luther King, the program originally opened with 7 students and has grown continually over the years to include more than 100 participants from around the world since 2012.

The section offers English-French bilingual education from 6ème to 3ème (UK years 7-10 / USA grades 6-9). The majority of students enter in 6ème, but it is possible to sit an entrance exam for every level, although spaces are usually limited.

At the end of middle school, students wishing to pursue a bilingual program may submit their dossier and sit the entrance exam for the high school section of the SIB which is based in the Lycée Franco-Allemand, just next door. Transition from the collège to the lycée is not automatic but the students are well prepared for the transition. Other pupils have chosen to apply for places at Lycées in Versailles, Orsay, and their local catchment high school.

If SIB students continue their schooling in the SIB at the LFA, they will be prepared for taking the Baccalaureate, Option Internationale (OIB) in their final year. For clarification between the OIB and the International Baccalaureate, you may consult the following site:

Please note that at present it is not possible for SIB students to follow the program for a Bac ‘L’ (baccalaureate with an emphasis on Languages) in their final years at High School in Buc. They currently have the option of doing a Bac ‘S’ (sciences) or Bac ‘ES’ (economics).

The Curriculum

Generally the Anglophone pupils are split between two classes, mixing with their French peers for the large part of their curriculum, which essentially follows the standard French national curriculum. Students will be expected to speak and write French fluently as most subjects are taught in French (French, Geography, Art, Maths, Music, History, Science and Physical Education).

In addition to this, the SIB program provides 4 hours of English literature and language study, as well as 2 hours of History/Geography in English (in addition to their hours in French). These courses are taught entirely in English using texts comparable to those used for same level classes in the UK and the USA. The SIB classes have a maximum of 30 pupils. For further detail on the curriculum for international sections, as outlined by the French government, please consult this website:

SIB students study German as their first foreign language from 6ème upwards. They have 2.5 hours per week. From 5ème the students learn Spanish as a second foreign language also with 2.5 hours per week. This option is maintained at High School level.

Students in 3ème do a weeks’ work experience in a workplace of their choice. SIB pupils are free to organise this week in an English-speaking country if possible.

SIB students in 3ème take the Diplôme National du Brevet, International Option. This is essentially the standard French Brevet exam, with two additional oral exams, one in their 2nd language (English Literature) and one in History/Geography in order for them to obtain the qualification International Option on their certificate. For more info on the DNB, International Option, please consult the following French site:

The quality of the program is reflected in the 100% success rate of students having taken the exam to date.

Extracurricular Activities

The FSE (Foyer Socio Educatif) is an association based within the college that offers a variety of activities during the lunch break. Last year’s Coding Parties were extremely well received amongst the pupils of 6ème and the association plans to relaunch the activity shortly.

A joint initiative of the FSE and PSAB (parent association) is to offer an International Choir which performs at various school events, such as the Open House. Find out more under Internal / News.

In 4ème SIB students have the opportunity to participate in an exchange program with a student in Germany, the Brigitte Sauzay Program, which allows the students to spend 2 or 3 months in the host country, attending school and living as part of the family.

Furthermore a recent PSAB initiative has set up an informal Buc Exchange Program between the SIB pupils in 5ème learning German with German pupils of the same age at the neighbouring LFA learning English. The Anglo families have been delighted with the initiative and we hope to reap long-term linguistic and cultural benefits, as well as established solid relationships between kids who will eventually meet up at Lycée level at the LFA.

Under the leadership of the FSE, students in 3ème work together each year to create a Yearbook to commemorate their passing from Middle School to High School.

There is also an ever growing English section in the On-Campus Library.
Students also have the possibility of joining the English drama club 'Saltimbuc', another initiative of the PSAB parents association.

School Timetable & Transport

Lessons largely take place from 8.45am to 4.10 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Wednesday 8.45am - 5.10pm. These schedules make it possible to take the buses of the many lines also serving the Lycée Franco-Allemand next door.

Students in SIB do have class on Wednesday afternoon. In the event of classes beginning earlier or finishing later than the usual bus times, parents are expected to find other transport arrangements for their child.

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