Bus ride

The SIB is fortunate in being able to make use of the extensive bus network that already exists for the students at the neighbouring Lycée Franco Allemand (LFA). These buses are primarily filled with school children and even primary aged kids can safely travel on the buses. For more details on the bus routes, please consult the ALFA website (the association of the LFA) http://www.alfa-buc.org/fr/bus-lfa-reseau/

  • Subsidies: Pupils in the LFA or SIA living in certain départements are entitled to a subsidy for their annual bus passes, Imagin’R. This currently means paying approx. €175 instead of €342 (2015/2016). For more information regarding subsidies and how to get them, please refer to: http://www.psab.fr/faq 
  • Using the Buses: It is important that your child validates his bus card each time he or she takes the bus. If passengers don't validate their cards, the SQYBUS Company may decide to cancel a bus service considering it to be inefficient (this has already happened!) so please remind your child regularly to validate. There are regular controls on the buses and you/your child risk a fine of €32.
  • Bad Weather: In case of extremely bad weather, school buses may not be running. The PSAB tries to send an email out to all the Anglophone families but you can also consult the website of the bus company responsible for your route or the prefecture in Versailles, www.yvelines.pref.gouv.fr

School Timetable & Transport

In middle school, lessons largely take place from 8h45am to 4h10 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Wednesday 8h45am - 5h15pm. These schedules make it possible to take the buses of the many lines also serving the Lycée Franco-Allemand next door.